With its members accounting for %98 of all international trade, the World Trade Organization is the only worldwide international organization administering trade rules on a global scale, and can be described as many things: an organization designed to meet the needs of a liberalized trade system, a forum intended for negotiation of trade agreements, but perhaps most importantly, it is a place for the settlement of trade disputes between states.

The dispute settlement system of the WTO has been contributing to the multilateral trading system by determining violations of various trading rules or obligations and achieving a solution with its rule-based system and effective procedures since its creation in 1995. Over the past two decades following its formation, almost 500 disputes have been brought before the WTO dispute settlement mechanism.

This time, the dispute settlement system will hear a unique case on intellectual property rights and the controversial national security exception between Qatar and Saudi Arabia; in order to determine whether applied measures concerning the protection of intellectual property rights can be justified through the national security clause under international trade law.

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