As the institutional representatives for 45 million members from over 100 countries, the International Chamber of Commerce continues to be the largest business organization in the world. Building on its central objectives of providing business as an opportunity for everyone, promoting international trade and investment, and securing prosperity, the ICC also settles disputes arising from business contracts with its dispute resolution services, which include the  International Court of Arbitration.

Due to its particular procedural steps and worldwide functioning, specifically for resolving multinational disputes, the International Court of Arbitration has been one of the most favoured institutions for arbitration in the world since its establishment in 1923. With the main mission to supervise the arbitral proceedings, the International Court of Arbitration has created a great impact on the neutrality and efficiency of large-scale arbitration processes. 

Marking another first for Model Courts of Justice in its 10th year, a private maritime dispute regarding contracts of international shipping will be heard in the International Court of Arbitration. The fictional case at hand will consist of several notions regarding force majeure and the liabilities of the parties applying a maritime trade contract.

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