The European Court of Justice, initially founded in 1952 as the Court of Justice of the European Communities, is the highest court of the European Union on matters of Union law. It is tasked with ensuring that European Union law is applied and interpreted properly in every EU Member State.

The Court will hear two cases with a common legal issue and decide whether online platforms YouTube and Uploads are responsible for copyright infringement by user uploads. Through a joint case, the ECJ is going to determine the liability of the well-known video sharing platform YouTube and the cyberlocker service Uploads upon the action brought by a music producer and a scientific publisher.

The judgement of the Court will both clarify matters of intellectual property in the existing legal framework for the Digital Single Market and have overarching effects for the changing European approach to data policy. The multi-faceted dispute in question includes a broad range of issues concerning data protection law, intellectual property law, and e-commerce law within the scope of European Union law and private international law.

Though primarily intended for law students, applications from students of all backgrounds wishing to experience a Moot Court will be considered for the European Court of Justice. Please make sure to include relevant experience and information in your application.