European Union Competition Law, European Internal Market


Goal 8, Goal 10, Goal 17

European Court of Justice is the main judicial body of the European Union which was established in 1952. The Court has a main task of ensuring the application and interpretation of a unified European Union law in each Member State. The Court can hear applications for a preliminary ruling, annulments, cases concerning the Member States, or the institutions of the European Union and disputes referred by the courts of Member States to a higher institution. The Court’s judgements are binding

This year, in the Model Courts of Justice, a case under competition law based on unfair competition under the Treaty on European Union we will discussed. In the actively ongoing case of the Super League Company v. UEFA and FIFA, the European Super League Company, which was established by a joint venture of 20 different football teams who aimed to establish a new and independent league, brought the case to the European Court of Justice as a result of certain actions and declarations of UEFA and FIFA that constituted some unfair competition actions. In the case filed with the discourses of unfair competition and abuse of dominant position, sports and competition law within the framework of the rules and laws of the European Union. Also, the principles of freedom of the European internal market will be analyzed with the synthesis of European law.