29 – 30 September & 1 October

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my utmost pleasure to welcome all of you to the 12 th edition of the Model Courts of Justice on behalf of academic and organization teams. Model Courts of Justice is the first moot court event in Turkey with its first edition in 2012 in which the International Court of Justice was simulated. Within the Model Courts of Justice, the participants have a chance to take part in international judicial institutions as judges or advocates. Currently, the Model Courts of Justice is the sole moot court event completely held in English, in Turkey.

Every year, Model Courts of Justice hosts nearly 100 law students from leading law schools both in Turkey and abroad. In the Model Courts of Justice, we offer an exceptional experience for law students to practice in the field in which they are eager to pursue their careers in the future. While they are practicing in an international judicial institution, they internalize the concepts of international law and improve their point of view.

Today, we are witnessing many developments that change our lifestyles and affect our activities such as armed conflict or revolutionary technological development. Even when we are watching a television program, our routine for watching television is changed by a bombshell decision. Time is flying and the trends are changing in every aspect of our lives. In this regard, the law is also evolving, and adapting to the new trends emerging in the legal industry has become indispensable to survive in this competitive environment.

As Model Courts of Justice, we are also adapting ourselves to the new trends and current developments in the field of law. We are preparing our academic content harmoniously with the obstacles of the current legal industry and we believe that this would contribute many things to the careers of future legal practitioners, scholars, and diplomats.

In the 12 th edition, as Model Courts of Justice, we are offering a unique experience that you will never forget even though the years would pass by combining the academic and organizational excellence we have accomplished for eleven years. We are aware that we inherited a deeply rooted heritage from our predecessors and we are working on how we can move forward the tradition of the Model Courts of Justice every second. I once again welcome you all to the Model Courts of Justice 2023.



Secretary General of the Model Courts of Justice 2023